Changes in the Ripening Characteristics and Shelf Life of Mango Fruits as Related to the Application of Coating Based on Cocoa Leaf Extracts

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Kouete Jarvin Ovaric
Phounzong-Tafre Eugène
Aghofack-Nguemezi Jean


The influence of edible coatings based on cocoa leaf extracts on the ripening of ''Belle-Dame'' mangoes has been evaluated, to contribute to the improvement of the shelf life of these fruits after harvest. There were overall treatment-independent decreases in the firmness and chlorophylls levels, and increases in total soluble solids content, water content, physiological weight loss and β-carotene concentration during the ripening of mango fruits. These variations were very rapid in control fruits, reflecting an accelerated ripening process that led to the senescence of these fruits from day 9 after harvest onwards. In treated fruits, variations of different parameters were slow with significant differences between the treated fruits and controls. These inhibitory effects of coatings resulted in a delay of the ripening process and consequently to a shift of the onset of senescence to 12 days after harvest. In addition to the extension of shelf life by three days, treatments of mango fruits by dipping them in solutions containing cocoa leaf extracts induced a higher accumulation of β-carotene in coated fruits as compared to controls, thereby enhancing the nutritional value of the former.

Conservation, edible coating, mangoes, cocoa leaves, ripening parameters.

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Jarvin Ovaric, K., Eugène, P.-T., & Jean, A.-N. (2019). Changes in the Ripening Characteristics and Shelf Life of Mango Fruits as Related to the Application of Coating Based on Cocoa Leaf Extracts. Journal of Advances in Biology & Biotechnology, 22(4), 1-13.
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