Effects of Calcium Chloride Treatment on the Photosynthetic Capacity and Intensity of Banana Fruit during Ripening

Phounzong-Tafre Eugène, Kouete Jarvin Ovaric, Aghofack-Nguemezi Jean

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Protective Role of Lycopene on Hormonal Profile and Posttesticular Functions of Male Rat Exposed to Sublethal Doses of Cyermethrin

Adetutu Olubunmi Obulor, Eme Efioanwan Orlu

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Production of Fungal Laccase under Solid State Bioprocessing of Agroindustrial Waste and Its Application in Decolourization of Synthetic Dyes

Benjamin Vandelun Ado, Abiodun Anthony Onilude, Hyacinth Ocheigwu Apeh Oluma, Daniel Malo Mabitine

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Studies of the Nutritional, Environmental Effects and Repressive Nature of Simple Sugars on the Production of endo-β-mannanase by Aspergillus flavus PT7 on Solid State Fermentation

Ukponobong E. Anita, Nsikak U. Stephen, Abiodun A. Onilude, Inimfon A. Ibanga

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