Optimization of Alkaline Protease Production in Submerged Fermentation Using Bacillus cereus Isolated from an Abattoir Wastewater in Ile-Ife, Nigeria

Y. J. Ayantunji, R. K. Omole, F. O. Olojo, K. O. Awojobi

Page: 1-15
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Common Sources of Pre-, Peri- and Post Surgical Site Infections (SSI) in Dogs during Clinical Students’ Surgical Practice

A. S. Yakubu, N. N. Pilau

Page: 16-24
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Combined Effects of Ocimum gratissimum and Soil-borne Phytopathogenic Fungi on Seedling Growth of Quality Protein Maize

M. A. Abiala, A. O. Akanmu, A. C. Oribhaboise, T. Aroge

Page: 25-32
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Dry Season Prevalence of Gastrointestinal Parasites in Ruminants in Sokoto Metropolis

Aliyu Mahmuda, Aliyu Mustapha Abba, Aniefuna Ivy Sochima, Kamal Muhammad Moriki

Page: 33-39
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Mango Wine Production, by an Easy Fermentation and Distillation Procedure, Using the Surplus or Rejected Fruit, Produced in Sinaloa, Mexico

Guillermo Galindo Reyes

Page: 40-48
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