Processing and Microbial Profile of “Soudamouka” a Sun-dried Fish from Sudano-Sahelian Zone of Cameroon

Bakari Daoudou, Bayoï James Ronald, Darman Djoulde Roger, Vroumsia Toua, . Farikou

Page: 1-7
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Production of Glucoamylase, α-amylase and Cellulase by Aspergillus oryzae F-923 Cultivated on Wheat Bran under Solid State Fermentation

M. Fadel, Sawsan AbdEl-Halim, Hayat Sharada, Ahmed Yehia, Mayar Ammar

Page: 8-22
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Biodiversity and Dynamics (Rate of Change) of Bacterial Communities Involved in the Biodegradation of Petroleum Refinery Sludge in Contaminated Soils

Tudararo-Aherobo Laurelta, Atuayan Ernest, Adetutu Eric, Ball Andrew

Page: 23-38
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Antioxidant Activity of nHexane Extract of Caryota no Seed Using Drosophila melanogaster Model

Chinonye A. Maduagwuna, Simeon Omale, Monday A. Etuh, Steven S. Gyang

Page: 39-47
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Inhibitory Studies of Tamarindus indica Seed Extract and Fractions on Hematological Activities of Bitis arietans Venom

B. I. Baggai, P. O. Yusuf, F. T. Alloh

Page: 48-57
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